AquaDine® Saltwater Products

If your interest lies in the enchanting world of saltwater fish, AquaDine® Nutritional System offers fish food formulations specifically tailored to suit the needs of saltwater fish. Our formulations for saltwater species contain the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to provide energy and build body tissue. We also pay attention to the vital role that vitamins and minerals play in the diet of saltwater fish. All of our high-quality formulations include the essential vitamins but since saltwater fish live in an environment high in minerals, additional minerals can actually increase the stress on your fish as they have to excrete the unneeded minerals. For that reason, AquaDine® Nutritional System’s saltwater HiPro DuraFlake® (#150) is not supplemented with minerals.

We offer both DuraFlake® and pellet food for saltwater fish. Each formula can be fed as a single food or as a blend of one or more, to provide a complete and varied diet.

Our Saltwater blends are made from the following products:

#140 Spirulina DuraFlake® for both freshwater & saltwater fish
#150 Marine HiPro DuraFlake® a high protein food specifically for saltwater fish
#170 Veggie Flake DuraFlake® for herbivorous fish
#730 Spirulina Pellet (small) for freshwater & saltwater fish
#770 Shrimp & Plankton Sinking Mini-Stick a 100% sinking mini-stick, perfect for all freshwater & saltwater fish