Welcome to AquaDine®

AquaDine® Nutritional System is known for outstanding product quality and unique custom blends of nutritious fish food since 1991. We are dedicated to providing both exceptional products and superior customer service.

AquaDine® manufactures 12 varieties of premium flake and pellet fish food products as well as a high-quality sinking algae wafer, DuraDisk®, for both the individual aquarium owner as well as specialty retail stores.

AquaDine® utilizes a proprietary, low-temperature manufacturing process that ensures premium quality by maintaining the product’s high nutritional concentration and low moisture content. To achieve this high standard, we own and operate the customized equipment that produces our unique line of DuraFlake® and pellet fish food products.

In May of 2010, we introduced a new line of pre-packaged products featuring some of our most popular fish food blends: Community, Cichlid, Goldfish, DuraDisk®, and Healthy Pond®.

AquaDine® dealers have the choice to dispense and blend our various formulas using our attractive, in-store “EasyVend” or “MultiVend” dispenser or by stocking our prepackaged products for their customers to choose from. AquaDine® dispensers are a unique fish food vending system that allows retailers the ability to custom blend our DuraFlake® and pellet food to suit the specific feeding requirements of all types of fish.